Benefits of CBD hemp flowers in Benefits of CBD hemp flowers

Hemp and marijuana are two different plants belonging to the same cannabis family. The main difference between one and the other is that hemp flowers are rich in CBD with hardly any trace of THC in their composition. In other words: hemp flowers do not produce any psychoactive effects when inhaled or smoked.

But if they don’t produce any psychoactive effects why would people want to smoke high CBD hemp flowers?

Benefits of consuming CBD

The most recent medical studies have confirmed that Cannabidiol or CBD is a cannabinoid that can be consumed by all types of users without fear of feeling some kind of “high” effect. On the other hand, what a CBD user can experience is a reduction in muscle inflammation or a relief of the sensation of pain, making it a recommended product for high-performance athletes and people who suffer from chronic pain or stressful situations.

In addition, the different medical tests carried out with CBD have shown favorable results in the treatment of different serious neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or some rare types of epilepsy. More and more patients around the world are benefiting from the anxiolytic, analgesic, antiepileptic and anti-inflammatory properties of Cannabidiol.

Why smoke or vaporize CBD flowers?

As the legal CBD market begins to expand all over the planet, we begin to see products made from this incredible cannabinoid in the most different presentations: from edible oils and crystals, to cosmetic products and topical ointments.

In the case of CBD flower or hemp buds, their use has been expanding exponentially in recent months and we can already find a great diversity of varieties on the market with different aromas, appearance and percentage of CBD. Genetics such as Can atonic, Gorilla Glue CBD, Amnesia CBD, Strawberry CBD, and many others, can already be purchased in specialized stores like ours.

The main reason for smoking or inhaling industrial hemp flowers is that when inhaled, CBD is absorbed in greater quantity and in less time by our body. This allows us to take advantage of its benefits immediately, without the need for our body to digest the products as in the case of edibles.

CBD is a safe cannabinoid to be consumed by users of all ages: it does not produce psychoactive effects, it does not create dependency, its interruption does not generate withdrawal symptoms, nor does it have severe or adverse side effects. However, all world health organizations warn about the risks of prolonged exposure to smoke in the lungs, a situation that is no different when smoking CBD flowers. Combustion at high temperatures produces dangerous substances for our body.

Another, much healthier option is to inhale the hemp flowers through a vaporizer. The effect will be the same as in the case of smoking them, but without the drawbacks or contraindications of inhaling the smoke. In this sense, it should be noted that current convection vaporization technology almost completely eliminates any toxic product derived from the combustion of the product.

Can you buy hemp flowers legally?

Hemp flowers are exactly the same as marijuana flowers in appearance. However, its composition in cannabinoids is different, which makes the cultivation, possession and distribution of these products completely legal in most countries around the world. Their main characteristic is that they contain very low levels of THC and, on the contrary, very high levels of CBD. Depending on the country you are in, the allowed percentage of THC will vary considerably. In the case of Spain, the maximum allowed is 0.2%, an almost negligible amount that does not produce any type of psychoactive effect.

In addition, it is important to take into consideration that the industrial hemp industry is seriously regulated by different international organizations that guarantee that the products made there comply with the strictest quality and public health standards.

Therefore, if you explore the market well, you will surely have the opportunity to find a supplier of hemp flowers with a very high CBD content, which you can purchase without any legal impediment. Of course, remember that current Spanish legislation does not allow its sale for human consumption, so you will find your favorite CBD flowers with the warning for exclusive use for collecting, technical, ornamental or aromatic.

Other alternatives to ingest CBD safely

If you are interested in trying the benefits that CBD could provide in your body, but you do not feel encouraged to smoke dried hemp flowers, you have to know that, in the current market, there are several alternatives that could facilitate its consumption during your activities every day. In this sense, CBD oil is the favorite product of most users, since it can be included in the most exquisite culinary recipes or ingested directly through sublingual administration.

Likewise, we cannot forget the different anti-inflammatory creams made from CBD, which allow users to apply them topically, allowing users to see the decrease in swelling or the sensation of muscle pain in record time.

Another increasingly widespread form of consumption, especially among the youngest, is by inhaling vapor produced from vamping liquids to which pure CBD is added. This new way of taking advantage of the benefits of Cannabidiol, has the advantage of its rapid effect and the ease of consuming it anywhere, anytime.

Do I need a prescription to consume Flores CBD?

There are hundreds of commercial products made from CBD that do not need any type of prescription or medical permission to be consumed. However, it is best to inform yourself well about the benefits of this cannabinoid before consuming it so that you can take full advantage of the true benefits of the product.

Similarly, if you would like to explore CBD as an alternative treatment for certain pathologies, it will never hurt to have the endorsement of your trusted doctor before starting the experience.